About Us

Golden Safe Security

About Our Company

Golden Safe Security is a Lebanese private protection company established on 18/09/2017, registered with the Commercial Registry Secretariat in Beirut under No. 1022570 according to the "Assets of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities" in accordance with Resolution No. 1904 to carry out all protection, escort, private institutions and the transfer of assets and funds transferred within Lebanese territory.

The mission of the company is to exceed the needs of its customers by providing the highest level of quality of protection and guarding services in a professional manner based on the foundations of confidence, security and tranquility.

In view of the tremendous development in the field of protection and guarding, which has become comprehensive in all aspects of life, whether for individuals or private institutions, banking and others, Golden Safe Security vision is to be the most professional company in this field by exceeding the expectations of our customers and the production of strategic partnership work with them by providing a specialized service package and paying special attention to quality partnerships with our customers as well as the integrity and professionalism of our employees to meet exceptional customer services. The goal of Golden Safe Security is to be a milestone in the development of protection and guarding. The company will develop the necessary and sustainable plans to perform the work through specialists in this field.

GSS seeks to provide quality improvement services that exceed the requirements of service recipients and responsibility to our customers, our community and our employees. GSS will continuously pursue quality improvement through programs that will enable us to respond to the professionalism of our employees throughout the company.

Our Goals

  • Providing security services to various sectors (governmental, financial and private) at the best and highest standards.
  • Provide a clear vision on customer security strategy to keep them safe and secure.
  • Develop emergency security plans.
  • Providing security awareness courses for institutions.
  • Offering high quality, distinguished service and highly professional staff.